What you can expect from our accommodation

The accommodation

Purpose built insulated log cabins, which are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The bedrooms

Stunning white upvc full height double glazed pens, give an airy and light feel and allows full vision to the outside and allows the cats to see each other, and to see where noises are coming from. This also acts as a sneeze barrier .

The facilities

Our litter trays are either open or enclosed, and we use Smartcat cat litter which is made out of UK sustainable wood pellets, which are biodegradable, chemical and additive free.

Room service

Cats boarding with us will be fed according to your requests, however this will be at least twice a day, and they will have a constant supply of fresh drinking water. We are happy to supply your cat’s favourite food, or you can supply your own normal, prescription or dietary food.

Occasionally a boarding cat may eat or drink less than usual whilst settling in. We will do whatever we can to encourage normal levels of consumption, we are not, however able to take responsibility for the quantity of water and food our boarders choose to consume.

We provide beds, with bed liners called ´Soft ‘n’ Snug´, these are deluxe hard bed inserts, which gives your cat the added warmth, luxury and comfort they deserve.